Buttato Corporation

Its not just a convenient time, it’s the right time to empower the individual, you.

The most ambitious bridge between business and blockchain, traded globally through the $BCORP NFT, a dividend receiving, voting, tradable form of equity.

Whitelist not public- yet

Company Stock as NFTs

Everything is neatly packed into 10,000 dividend receiving NFTs with voting power, operating on Ethereum, owned by you.


The NFT Project You Want to Own During the Slump

A time-sensitive voyage, minted on buttato.io and later traded on OpenSea. Backed by an Ethereum vault. Run by Bofeon (Hong Kong) International Corporation LLC.


Offering Infinite Horizons

Buttatos are not a finite product offering nor a single product. We will on-board the next generation of owners, builders and partners into the Buttato Corporation community, an NFT-borne brand with vision to give you individual ownership. A shared vision of passing on the ownership, sharing in profits and building.

Snapshot Page


Buttato Capsule Corp

Buttato Capsule Corp

Space-age capsule hotel design and operator


Jinzhou Tiansheng Heavy Industry Co Ltd

Bloomberg Listing

Industrial Equipment & Furnace Producer

Turbo Pods          

Turbo Pods

E-cigarettes and flavored vapors

Hai Magnesite    

Haicheng Magnesite Group


Magnesium products and carbon additives for steel melting plants



Keith Kim  

Keith (Eun-Chong) Kim

Senior IBD Analyst Cross Border Mergers and Acquisitions - EvalueServe Capital Management Shanghai Branch

Troy Zhang  

Troy Zhang trotro.eth

Founder of Rave Package LLC Philadelphia, PM at MyTrade DEX and Formerly @ BBDO

Naif Al Mobty  

Naif Al Mobty - CEO @ KSA Real Investment Co - Riyadh



Alamut Industrial Infrastructure Development Co Ltd

Designer of custom lithium-ion LFP packs for motorcycles and buses

V1.1 Roadmap

Sometimes a great idea is something you planned, but most of the time its something new you tried.

2021 Q4 - R&D
  • Technical feasibility study for launching an ethereum corporation with NFT stock
  • Being inspired by projects with similars vibes like Doodles
  • Forecasting the timeline for best NFT tech projects according to Gartner's Hype Cycle for Emerging Technologies
  • 2022 Q1 - Inception
  • Articles of Incorporation for Buttato Corporation
  • Website v1.4
  • Testing different minting standards for a smooth mint
  • Infrastructure building on DC and Snapshot
  • 2022 Q2-Q3 - On-Boarding Talent & Minting

  • On-boarding new talents
  • Fill 300 WL spots by invite (3%)
  • Fill 3,700 WL spots publicly with PREMINT.xyz(37%)
  • Pre-mint marketing activities
  • Hold AMAs
  • Collaborate with partners
  • 24 hour mint period (TBA)
  • Mint on buttato.io (100%)
  • 2022 Q4 - Commercial Activities & V2 Roadmap

  • First $BCORP quarterly meeting
  • Coordination of efforts for completing F.S on top projects within NFT-gated $BCORP platform
  • First $BCORP Shareholder voting session on Snapshot
  • Designation of 3 projects by vote
  • Relase Dev Team work policy
  • Issue Roadmap 2.0
  • Begin work based on Roadmap 2.0
  • Post-mint marketing activities & collabs
  • Keith Kim, M.Fin-CFA $BCORP finance panel member, Analyst - EvalueServe Capital Mgmt-Shanghai, says:

    "Generating revenue is great. I think $BCORP can be to NFTs, what potatos are to vegetables."

    Troy Zhang, $BCORP marketing panel member, formerly @ BBDO, Founder - Rave Package LLC Philadelphia, PA, says:

    "There are so many community based projects in web3 but $BCORP shareholders will probably own something that completely stands out."

    B. Sabbatini, Co-Founder, International Steel & Minerals Trader, says:

    "We will scale together as a community holding company. Our projects are subsidiaries in niche high-growth markets that create tangible value."

    How To Join

    Mint your equity NFT here on buttato.io | The first equity NFT of its kind that pays quarterly passive income directly into your wallet. Propose projects and vote for ideas from other Buttato NFT holders. Anyone, from investors, people with knowledge in a particular industry or the average Buttato can invest and participate. Your Buttato Journey begins here!.

    Step 1

    Follow us

    Follow our Twitter @buttato_io. The first 300 spots on the WL will be by invite, after that the Whitelist will be opened to everyone through PREMINT.

    Step 2


    Mint your NFTs here on buttato.io during the allowlist/public mint.

    Estimated date of mint: July 4th

    Step 3

    Vote, Trade, Participate

    After minting is over, you can use collab.land to enter our shareholder lounge on discord with other holders, you can also trade Buttato Corp NFTs on OpenSea.

    Step 4


    Shareholders (Buttato Corp. NFT holders) will receive quarterly eth dividends and benefits of our projects as we grow


    Buttato Corporation 3 Year Portfolio Plan

    Sub-Companies and asset portfolio of $BCORP are determined by shareholder vote on Snapshot.org | Join the NFT-gated shareholder lounge on Discord for discussion and input.

    $BCORP Sub-Companies & Asset List Size of Servicable Market Industry Target Customers
    Buttato Capsule Corp. $450 billion Commercial Real Estate Seasonal tourism & travel
    Buttato Industrial Materials Co. $160 million Trading, Heavy Industry Steel factories with melt furnaces
    Buttato Blockchain Bank - B3 $40 billion Liquidity Service Provider Asset management & liquidity for ethereum-borne investors
    Buttato Lithium Products Co no valuation yet Electric Vans & Bikes EV van fleet operators & electric work-bikes
    Buttato Studios $240 billion Film, Gaming & Entertainment Services Partnerships with distributors and creative teams