How It Works

Proposals & Management

Red Core: Board of Directors of the Corporation

Dev Core: Developers (code and commercial) of the Corporation

Main Core: Decentralized shareholders of the Corporation

Becoming Part of Dev Core

Members can freely gain participation rights by being a shareholder (main core). Shareholders can be eligible to work on Projects in the corporation by joining Dev Core. Participation in the Developer Core is based on individual abilities in different fields and projected benefits for the corporation as a whole. Any shareholder who is a programmer, business planner, professional accountant, marketer, product maker and specialist in fields related to the company’s works can be part of Dev Core. The company can have Dev Core teams working on different projects simultaneously in different fields both on-chain and off-chain.

What is Dev Core

Dev Core is a decentralized team-work concept in the Buttato Corporation. You may individually work on projects in Dev Core or you may form teams with other shareholders. You may work from home or you may choose to work in a commercial environment. Dev Core participants will be commissioned by shareholder vote to work on Proposals that have become Projects and can hold positions that are compensated by the company. Your Dev Core team members can be across the world or just fellow Buttato Corp. shareholders down the street. We do plan to create dedicated workspaces for Dev Core that utilize our decentralized community better in the near future.

Compensation & Benefits

In a decentralized work environment, Buttato Corp. will instate a proof of work policy for compensated positions. Your Proposal should include all the details of how you or the developers of the project wish to be compensated. Further, other shareholders can vote on the structure of the project and structure of compensation proposed as a whole. You may pitch your project to carry an after delivery lump sum payment to you or your team or a fixed salary payment to your Dev Core members. Shareholders can decide on the Proposal accordingly. As a shareholder you may also believe that being part of Dev Core is beneficial to your own holdings and choose to not be compensated outside the equity structure for the immediate work you do on a Project. All compensated positions will follow a proof of work policy to be announced. We will provide expert resources and work with you to better implement PMBOK standards for all active projects.

How Proposals turn into Projects

Proposals can be made by anyone in main core on the company’s private platforms i.e web based Forum or Shareholder Lounge by verifying your equity NFT via Collab.Land bot on our company Discord. The reason for this is: Only shareholders should have input or be aware of Proposals. Please do not make or discuss Proposals on public forums. Proposals with a good structure and a clear plan by its team will then be posted on our voting space on Snapshot to go through voting by shareholders. More will be announced about the method of achieving quorum for each type of vote. Proposals need to receive a majority approval from voters. Upon approval by voting, a Proposal becomes a Project. The Project team then needs to begin work on an FS (Feasibility Study) in the format of Buttato Corporation Feasibility Study. During this time Red Core and Panel of Experts will provide resources to the best of their abilities to the team to achieve a solid F.S. Upon a second vote held on approval of the expenditure schedule according to the F.S, the Project will begin receiving funding from Buttato Corp Vault.


During this process all participants should keep in mind Buttato Corp. aims to empower members to reach higher in growing the decentralized corporation. The Buttato Corporation’s top priority is to create awareness of our brand and enlarge Buttato Vault holdings for shareHodlers. In doing so we must also keep in mind aside from returns, there are other empowering values for us that we must adhere to as a community. With borderless growth, we must act with borderless vision. Please vote and participate accordingly.